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Danyelle Smith

Sydney Academy Welcome Letter 2017/18

Hello Parents and Guardians,


Each year I write this letter which contains some very important and specific information regarding the grade 9 science program here at Sydney Academy. I have sent home a paper copy of this overview with your child, and after you have read over it carefully, please rip off the last page of the handout, sign it, leave any comments or concerns, and have your child return it to me!

My name is Danyelle Smith and I am your child’s science teacher for the 2017-18 school year. This is my 25th year of teaching grade 9 science and I must say I am still very excited to begin each year. I taught my whole career at Whitney Pier Memorial but chose to move to Sydney Academy with the realignment of grades in 2015. I have a lot of experience with this age group, know what works to help them to be successful and will always do my best to give them a positive experience in science. I teach using a variety of strategies and incorporate as much hands-on activities as possible. I want to peak their curiosity, encourage questions, and help them see that science is important in their world, not just in the classroom.

I am now going to outline and explain 4 very important areas that along with hard work, good attendance, and a positive attitude, will greatly contribute to learning and success.

The students have homework after each class and it is checked the next day I have them. Please encourage your child to try their best and complete what they can. If there is a problem or concern regarding directions or content please do not hesitate to send in a note, call the school or email me. I RARELY give the students time in class to start and finish homework, so if they tell you it was “finished in class”, that may not be the case. If you find they are frequently telling you, “I don’t have any”, again, please contact me so we can find a solution to help your child complete their work. They are responsible to copy down their homework in the front section of their scribbler at the beginning of each class and I will also post it in google classroom. The work to be done at home is always relevant to the curriculum and will either review the day’s lesson, prepare them for the next concept or allow them to dig deeper into the topic.

In my professional opinion, your child’s scribbler (or portfolio as I like to call it), plays an extremely important part in their success. Please check periodically that it is organized, neat and the work appears to be up-to-date. They need a 1 or 1½ inch binder just for science with 3 dividers. The first section is called their “Table of Contents” and here they write down their homework and what we are learning that day. The next section is called “Good Notes” where they keep, in order, study notes, handouts, questions, assignments, and any other outcome related material. Finally at the back is their “Science Journal”.
An AMAZING way to keep track of your child’s attendance for each class and their marks is the PARENT PORTAL. All students will be given a sheet of paper with your login information if you don’t already have it set up. Both you and your child are expected to use this to stay informed. If you do not have a computer or internet, by all means call me for updates. If you are having any issues setting it up, please call the school.

Here at Sydney Academy there are strict due dates for assessments and a policy for missed tests. Late points will be deducted for late assignments and tests will be given a zero for an unexcused absence. Grad book will show a zero for all assignments not passed in on the due date, regardless of reason until the assignment is received. Grad book will be updated by the end of each month. On the homepage of the school website there is a parent link which outlines all of the school’s policies and how to set up your parent portal. It is very beneficial to read over.

Extra Help:
Although I now teach over 180 grade 9 students, I still have an open door policy which means I am available upon request at lunch hour and after school for student questions, concerns, extra help, homework assistance etc.. Please encourage them to come and see me! I want to also offer a quiet space to study or do other work. Most importantly, I want them to feel welcome and that help is always there if they need it.

In closing, I want to thank you for taking the time to read over this package of information. I truly hope your child has a successful year, not only in science, but in all their subjects. Thank you for your co-operation as well in checking your child’s science scribbler, power school and homework and encouraging them to always try their best:)

Yours truly

Danyelle Smith


Sydney Academy Grade 9 Science Department Syllabus

Teacher: Danyelle Smith


“The grade 9 science curriculum at Sydney Academy follows the Atlantic Provinces Education Foundation (APEF) outcomes as provided by the Nova Scotia Department of Education”


Grade 9 Science Program Overview:

Unit 1 - Reproduction

Unit 2 - Atoms and Elements

Unit 3 - Space Exploration

Unit 4 - Characteristics of Electricity


30% exam (January 15% - June 15%)

70% on-going assessment (see breakdown below)


tests and quizzes

  • students will be given at least one full week’s notice for major tests, but smaller quizzes may only have a day or two

  • reviewing material from their textbook and scribbler EACH night is extremely beneficial for improving memory of concepts / 5-10 minutes for each subject is recommended

  • parents/guardians are asked to periodically check power-school for test and assignment results


home assignments and projects

  • direction sheet and rubric will be given for assignments

  • due dates are strictly enforced and points will be deducted each day it is late



  • this includes in-class group work activities, in-class assignments, participation, behavior, homework etc.(teacher observations and conversations “of and with” students to ensure they are working to their potential)


✓ positive attitude

✓ respect for others and self

✓ respect for and proper use of laboratory materials

✓ prepared for class (book, scribbler, pencil, paper, highlighter)

✓ homework attempted to the best of your ability

✓ effective use of class time and adherence to all school rules

✓ organized, neat and complete binder with dividers

✓ respect for due dates

✓ follow outlines for assignments and projects carefully

✓ sharing and borrowing of textbooks with friends is not advised / students are responsible

    to pay for lost or damaged books in June

✓ books numbers are assigned in September and it is expected that the correct book is

    returned in June.



3 ring binder just for science                             calculator (math/some science)

loose leaf                                                            home craft supplies for projects:

3 dividers                                                                ~thin markers

highlighter                                                              ~pencil crayons

pens/pencils                                                            ~glue stick / scissors

ruler                                                                        ~unlined paper                           



Sydeny Academy

49 Terrace St, Sydney, NS B1P 2L4

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Danyelle Smith     

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