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This course will provide students with a variety of fitness and sport experiences to enhance their understanding of personal fitness and growth. Physical Education 10 includes some theory components, coupled with predominantly active experience whereby students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor fitness, sport, and recreational experiences. The emphasis of this curriculum is to provide students with experiences that require them to take and reflect on their personal responsibility for active, healthy living now and throughout life. The course is divided into (4) four modules: Outdoor Pursuits, Exercise Science, Personal Fitness, and Leadership.

Physically Active Living 11 (OPEN)

This full credit course is designed to engage students in a wide range of physically active experiences, with an overall theme of exploring options and opportunities for being active for life, both in school and in their community. Physically Active Living 11 encompasses both an activity component and a theory component, with an emphasis on engagement in physical activity.

The activity component of the course is designed to provide opportunities for students in active experiences that engage youth in traditional and non-traditional forms of physical activity.

The theory component of the course will enhance student understanding of healthy eating, injury prevention, mental and emotional health, and addition prevention highlighting the connection between healthy living and being physically active.


An elective credit course in which advanced instruction is given in various sport activities. The emphasis here is on lifetime skills. Activities such as volley-ball, archery, pickle ball, track & field, gymnastics, swimming, speedball, etc., make up this program. The objective of this program is to develop a proper attitude towards one’s physical, mental, emotional, social, and moral self. Evaluation is based on unit test marks, research projects, presentations, attendance, attitude and skill.

Physical Education FITNESS 11 (Open)

This is an elective credit course where advanced instruction is given in various aspects of Physical Fitness. This will be an excellent course for students interested in learning more about fitness while they improve their own physical fitness. This course will focus on fitness activities such as walking, running, weight training, and fitness testing. Most of this course may take place outside of the gym; evaluation will be based on improving fitness level scores, attitude and participation


This elective credit course will have its emphasis on lifetime recreational activities, sport appreciation and leadership activities. Students will not only be participants, but also referees and organizers of activities. Attendance, attitude, participation and proper gym wear are of prime importance.

Physical activities will include lifetime sports and fitness activities. Students will be involved in the management of sporting events and the intramural program at Sydney Academy.

Dance 11 (Academic)

Dance 11 is designed for all students, with or without previous formal dance training, and builds on student’s experiences in dance throughout the physical education curriculum, grade primary to nine. It emphasizes creative movement as a form of communication and self-expression, as a unique way of learning about oneself and others. In this course students explore a range of dance styles, create and present dance sequences, respond critically to their own dance works and those of others, and make connections with dance in local and global contexts, both past and present. Students also have opportunities to examine the connections between dance and other art disciplines. The course comprises four components: elements of movement, creation and composition, presentation and performance, and dance and society.  Evaluation is based on continual assessment so regular attendance is essential.

This course will satisfy the fine arts OR physical education provincial graduation requirement.

YOGA 11 (Academic)

 Yoga 11 will introduce students to various styles and characteristics of yoga. It is an expectation that students will develop a lifelong personal practice of yoga for personal fitness and recreation. Students will be participating in a variety of activities that will include both physical practice and classroom theory. The physical practice of yoga will include learning, developing, and practicing skills that involve strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, poise, regulation of energy, and mental focus, all of which can be applied to other physical activities. Classroom sessions educate students about the relationship between nutrition and fitness, the history and philosophy of yoga including values of non-violence, ethics, honesty and respect in the context of challenging physical activity.

This course meets the requirements for a physical education credit. There is no pre-requisite.

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