Contact Information 


49 Terrace Street

Sydney, Nova Scotia

B1P 2L4

Phone(902) 562-5464

Fax(902) 564-4472




Guidance Office:


Phone:  (902) 562-7047

Fax: (902) 562-3747


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Youth Health Center

SA Youth Health Centre

49 Terrace Street
Sydney, NS B1P 2L4
Open Monday - Friday
Phone: (902) 567-1056
Fax: (902)539-5668

Our Vision


To promote youth with access to a comprehensive range of health related services through coordination of and referral to services already available and accessible in the community in a confidential manner. The services provision is based on a population health approach which incorporates education, counseling and clinical services in response to youth/community needs and priorities.


Our Mission


To promote health and well being among youth (ages 12-19) from the community of Sydney, utilizing a population health approach.




Services provided through the Youth Health Centre include:


  • Health Education
  • Health Promotion and Prevention
  • Clinical Services
  • Referrals to other health and community support services i.e. Addictions, Mental Health, Dietician, etc.
  • Information and resource materials on issues such as:
    Healthy Lifestyles Nutrition
    Self-Esteem Relationships
    Birth Control Sexuality
    STIs/AIDS Stress
    Drugs and Alcohol Smoking





We Believe 


In the rights of youth to make decisions regarding their health and respect their ability to take responsibility for their own health needs. In being an advocate for and responding to the needs of youth. That the YHC provide an environment, activities, and services that promote health, as well as focus on health, lifestyle alternatives, education, and prevention of high risk behaviors. In an environment that is non-judgmental, confidential, and empathetic. An environment where the opinions of youth are valued, their knowledge recognized, and their confidentiality respected. In facilitating communication among youth and their parents/guardians, health care providers, teachers, and community agencies.




The YHC provides information, clinical services, support and referrals to

youth in a safe and confidential manner. The Centre is, however, legally obligated to report the following situations:

  • Abuse (sexual, physical or emotional) and neglect of any person under the age of 16 years by and adult.
  • Harm to self or others
  • All reportable communicable diseases.
All are welcome!!! No appointments are necessary to come to the centre, the nurse is available Monday to Friday, during the school year.  She is off site on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, returning around 1pm.  For summer service please call Riverview High School at 563-8596.