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Principal's Message

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On behalf of the entire staff, I would like to welcome all new and returning students to Sydney Academy for the 2015-2016 school year. Sydney Academy has a reputation for academic excellence and tremendous school spirit. It is our hope that all students take advantage of the numerous co/extra curricular opportunities provided at the school and enjoy their high school experience to the fullest extent. It is important, however, that your first priority be on achieving academic success. Regular attendance, attention to homework, and work ethic are key ingredients of success.

This Student Agenda is a valuable tool in supporting your success at Sydney Academy. The Student Agenda includes the rules and policies that students are required to adhere to in order to maintain an effective school environment. Rules and policies are in place to help students develop personal responsibility, promote character development and help all students achieve academic success. The Agenda is also designed to help students with the organization of daily schedules, keeping track of tests and assignments, and to assist with time management. Finally, the Agenda also includes information on the many clubs, teams, organizations and events that are part of our school community. I encourage you to become involved and make a contribution to your school.

I look forward to getting to know each of you on a personal level. I would encourage you to bring a positive attitude, a desire to expand your scholastic horizons and a willingness to contribute to your school community with you each day. It is my hope that by June 2016 you will have grown academically, developed a stronger school spirit and have experienced success in all your endeavors. Again, welcome to Sydney Academy and enjoy your year.




The 2015-16 school year marks the start of many new and exciting changes in classrooms across the province as a result of Nova Scotia's Action Plan for Education introduced in January. The Action Plan was based on the feedback of more than 19,000 Nova Scotians, including teachers, students, school support staff, school boards, universities and the business community.

Some highlights for September 2015 include:

*   a streamlined and innovative curriculum with a stronger focus on teaching math and literacy for primary to grade 3 students,
*   new homework standards to support and enhance student learning at every grade level,
*   a new school code of conduct that will apply to all schools,
*   more hands-on learning activities for students to develop their technology skills, including Brilliant Labs and,
*   more math mentors working with teachers to support higher student achievement
-- a new career education framework for grades 4-12 students
-- core French programs that use interactive and conversational teaching methods
-- a new growth and development guide for families with four-year-olds to encourage early learning
For more details on changes coming in 2015-16,visit   Follow the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development on twitter @NSEducation.