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Course Changes

Policy on Course Changes

Sydney Academy urges students to choose courses with great care. Their registration selections should be based on their interests, aptitudes and career plans. All Students are required to take a full course load while at Sydney Academy. For grade nine students this means that all students take a full complement of courses (no off classes). For grade ten students, a full load is eight (8) courses - four each semester. For grade eleven students, with no failures on their transcript, a full course load is a minimum of seven (7) courses with no more than one study period per year. For grade 12 students, with no failures on their transcript, a full course load is three courses per semester. Post grads and mature students must take a full load unless given special permission to take a reduced course load by the administration. Students choosing to take a reduced course load should be aware of the following:
  1. Eligibility for co/extra curricular activities will be lost if even one failure occurs. Please review the Discipline Policy for more information on academic eligibility.
  2. Students should investigate fully their eligibility for scholarships and bursaries.
  3. Especially for students in grade 12 - investigate fully how a reduced course load will affect your eligibility for entrance into programs at any post-secondary institution.
If students prepare carefully for course registration, and receive the necessary information and guidance, requests for course changes should be minimized and very few will be accommodated. At times, however, it is in the best interest of the student and teacher to entertain a course change. Course changes will be considered for the first two weeks following the start of classes and will be permitted only if there is room in the course requested. A number of possible situations may be cited. These include:
  1. Keeping the same course but requesting a teacher change.  Requests for a teacher change will be accommodated only in extraordinary circumstances and at the discretion of the administration.   If such a change is granted, any marks by the student will be transferred and form part of the evaluation in the new class. 
  2. "Drop-down" situations - e.g. Mat 10 to Mat  at Work 10. Such situations should have been avoided during regular registration periods. However, it is realized that misjudgments are sometimes made by students and some flexibility is necessary provided there is room in the lower level class.
  3. Grade Twelve Students Dropping a Class.   Grade twelve students may carry as few as six  (6) courses - 3 per semester. If a grade twelve student taking more than the minimum required number of courses (4) wishes to drop a course, they may do so up to one month prior to the final exam period of the semester.   Please see above regarding the consequences of taking a reduced course load.
  4. Changing from one course to an entirely different course - e.g. SOC 12 to LAW 12.   Course changes are not normally permitted except in cases where the change is required for a student to graduate. In some circumstances, course changes may be entertained if the request is due to a failure in a first semester course or a change in career plans.
  5. Student transferring from another school.   Students who transfer to Sydney Academy from another school outside our Board part way through the term will normally be required to take the same courses as studied at the previous school. Problems may arise in some cases due to differences in course offerings.   Such problems will be dealt with on an individual basis.