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Principal Kevin Deveaux

April 21,  2017


Re:   Sydney Academy Graduation Exercises 2017 - Time and Date    


There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the change of the 2017 Graduation date and time at Sydney Academy.  I hope to clarify the reason for the changes with this communication so that all members of our school community have accurate information.


The decision to change the time and date of Graduation Exercises to June 29th during the day was made by Sydney Academy Administration in consultation with teaching staff in January 2017. During the Work to Rule, a majority of staff indicated that they were not willing to volunteer for an evening Graduation Ceremony.  This is still the position of the majority of the teaching staff since the imposition of the Contract in February 2017.


The Nova Scotia Department of Education requires that Graduation Exercises not occur until after the 193rd day of school. Therefore, if the graduation is in the day it must held on Thursday, June  29 or Friday June 30.  We selected Thursday, June 29 at 10 a.m.  At no time, was there any conflict between the timing of Sydney Academy and Riverview Graduation Ceremony. The Principals of the two schools confer to ensure this is not an issue.


A request was made at our January Principals Meeting through Board Administration to have the Department of Education grant permission to hold the Graduation Ceremonies on June 28th so that the Graduation date did not have to change.  At the end of the day Friday, April 21, I received a phone call from CBVRSB Superintendent Beth MacIsaac to inform me that  permission has been granted, to have the graduation on June 28th.  


The reason for selecting 10 a.m. rather than later in the day is that the Gym heats up during the day and can become quite uncomfortable in the afternoon.  Some students and parents were concerned that the the morning time does not allow enough preparation time if students wished to get individual or group photos prior the Ceremony. In response to this concern, the School Advisory Council have polled students about a preferred time for the Graduation. The consensus is to hold the Ceremony at 1 p.m.  Therefore, Sydney Academy 2107 Graduation Ceremony will be held at 1 pm. on June 28th in the Sydney Academy Gymnasium.


Kevin Deveaux