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49 Terrace Street

Sydney, Nova Scotia

B1P 2L4

Phone(902) 562-5464

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Phone:  (902) 562-7047

Fax: (902) 562-3747


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Internet Policy

Sydney Academy
Internet Access and User Policy


Provincial Internet / Network policy (link)


All Network users must adhere to this policy and its procedures.

All Network users must:

  • use the Network in a responsible and ethical manner consistent with the educational and

  • information purposes for which it is provided

  • use the Network for authorized purposes only

  • maintain appropriate online behaviour with all users of the Network

  • exercise caution when releasing one’s own or another person’s personal information online

  • respect their own and others’ intellectual property as outlined in the Public School Programs document and Provincial Privacy of Student Information Policy

  • install and access only authorized software and hardware on school- or board-provided devices

  • report suspected vandalism, unauthorized file access, or inappropriate use of the Network to a

  • teacher, principal, or appropriate school board office personnel

5.3 Unacceptable Use of the Network

The following uses of the Network are unacceptable:

  • attempting to access or make public, the private or personal materials, information, or files of others without appropriate consent

  • using technology for the purposes of cyberbullying

  • causing disruption of the Network

  • vandalizing, damaging, or disabling the work of another individual or organization

  • accessing, manipulating, altering, or attempting to damage, disable, or destroy technology or files belonging to others

  • accessing, creating, soliciting, communicating, or distributing harassing, pornographic, obscene, racist, sexually explicit, or threatening material, imagery, or language

  • using the Network for commercial purposes, unless directed by a teacher in fulfillment of public school outcomes

  • any use that violates provincial or federal laws outlined in Section 8 of this policy