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                                SYDNEY ACADEMY        

                             COMMUNICATION PLAN


The Administration and Teaching Staff of Sydney Academy encourage communications with parents and guardians on student progress. The intent of this general document is to outline how information on student learning will be communicated to parents and guardians. As well, a schedule of significant events for the year is included.


            The main contact information for the school is as follows:                  

                        Telephone:     902-562-5464

                        Fax:                902-564-4472

                        E-mail:            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Teachers provide a communication plan for each subject that your son/daughter is taking. This teacher communication plan provides:

Ÿ  an overview of the course

Ÿ  the teacher’s expectations of the students for learning success

Ÿ  how student learning will be assessed

Ÿ  information on evaluation procedures

Ÿ  the range of formal and informal communication methods used by the teacher

Ÿ  ways in which the parent can initiate communication with the teacher

Communication plans are reviewed with all students at the beginning of each semester. Communication Plans will also be posted on the Sydney Academy website. Please contact the office if you would like to receive a paper copy of the school or course Communication Plan.

Another important communication vehicle is the Power School Parent and Student Portals. These links on the Sydney Academy Website allow parents and students to check attendance (updated daily) and marks (updated monthly). We ask that parents/guardians call the school within five days of the absence to excuse a student. Success in school is directly related to student engagement in their work and regular attendance. Parents are invited at any time to contact Vice-Principal, Mr. John Barron, for an update on attendance.


There is a new Provincial Attendance Policy being developed for the 2018-2019 School Year.  The teaching staff and  administration will make efforts to contact the parents to inform them of attendance concerns and offer support.  Students are expected to attend all classes unless an appropriate excuse is provided. Absences may be excused by contacting the school within five days of the absence ***Absences for family trips, community based sports or activities, etc. are not excusable absences**** 

* Please Note*: Projects and assignments are to be turned in on the assigned due date, whether or not the student is in school. The projects and assignments may be sent to the teacher via email or delivered to the school. Points will be deducted for late projects according to the teacher’s communication plan and/or classroom policy unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher due to exceptional circumstances. Family vacations, community based tours or competitions have valuable social and educational benefits, but are a serious detriment to the instruction process. Teachers are not responsible to make-up tests or assignments or to give credit for missed work.

Sydney Academy staff use  “Homework Page” and or "Google Classroom" to further support parents and students. Information on current homework, assignments and upcoming tests is available for each teacher’s course. The Homework Page may be accessed either on the drop-down menu of the student tab on the Sydney Academy Website or by clicking on the homework tab on the right hand side of the Board Website Access. to Google Classroom will be provided by our students teachers.

In an effort to ensure that our assessment policy reflects the ongoing performance of the student over an entire course and also to promote full attendance in classes, the following school assessment policy has been adopted:

             15-25% - comprehensive test/assessments done during the mid-term assessment period

             45-55% - tests, assignments, homework, projects, labs, in-class assignments, etc, assigned

                             over the duration of the course

             30% - final examination for APEF courses or final comprehensive assessment


Teachers are not required to provide make-up tests or assignments for missed assessment components due to an excused absence. Instead, the value of other assessment pieces may be pro-rated to determine the assessment mark. Excused absences include illness, family emergency, religious celebration, etc. Family trips and community sports trips are not normally excused absences. Students who miss assessment pieces due to an unexcused absence will be given a mark of zero (All excused absences must be reported within five days of the absence to be excused). The mid-term progress report to students will represent a mark based 50% on the mid-term comprehensive assessment and 50% on the other assessment pieces completed at the time of the report. This mark does not represent a set percentage of the final mark already completed. Final marks for tests, projects, assignments, labs, etc. are based on what is assigned in those categories for the entire course.







       4        .......        Orientation Day – Teachers Only

       5        .......        Professional Learning Day – Teachers Only

       6        …...          Full Teaching Day – All Students – 1st Semester

       26        .......        Professional Learning Day – Teachers Only

       28       -------       Student Fee due $25



        2       .......        Professional Learning Day – Teachers Only

        3        .......        Grad Fee Due - $25. Installment

        8        .......        Thanksgiving Day – HOLIDAY

        26        .......        NSTU Professional Association Conference  – Teachers Only



        9        .......        Memorial Service – Remembrance Day – 11:00 am (Tentative)

        12       .......        Remembrance Day Holiday

         14         ------       High School Reports Cards

        15        ……        Parent-Teacher Meetings – 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

        16        .......        Parent-Teacher Meetings – 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

                                  Professional Learning Day – p.m. – Teachers Only



        8        .......        Professional Learning Day – Teachers Only

        21        .......        Last Teaching Day Prior to Christmas


         3        .......        First Teaching Day After Christmas

        26        .......        1st Semester Finals (Tentative)

         31         .......         Grading & Classifying Day – Teachers Only       



1        .......        Full Teaching Day – 2nd Semester Begins

8         ------       High School Report Cards Go Home

18        .......        Heritage Day - School Closed       

28        .......        Final Grad Fee Due - $25



 15         .......        Last Teaching Day Prior to March Break

  25         .......        First Teaching Day After March Break    



            19           ------       Good Friday (Holiday)         

           22         .......        Easter Monday - HOLIDAY

            24         ------       High School Report Cards Go Home

            25        .......        Parent-Teacher Meetings – 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

            26        .......        Parent-Teacher Meetings – 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

                                       Professional Learning p.m.- Teachers Only


            20        .......        Victoria Day – HOLIDAY



           19        .......        2nd Semester Finals Begin (Tentative)

           26        .......        Prom  (Tentative)

           27        ……        Graduation (Tentative)

           27        ……        Grading & Classifying – Teachers Only

           28        ……        Grading Day