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Academic Honesty Policy


Sydney Academy students are expected to maintain high standards of academic conduct. They are encouraged to accept personal responsibility for their education and academic performance. It is expected that their work is original thinking and/or provides the credit to the original source.

Academic dishonesty occurs whenever you present something that you did not do as your own work or falsification of records. Academic dishonesty or “cheating” can take different forms.

  • Plagiarism or using another’s words without direct quotation; another’s ideas or arguments without proper citation. This includes citing Internet sources and ideas used intentionally or unintentionally.

  • Copying information during a test or examination from someone else's paper, using unauthorized notes or study aids. As well as communicating with another student during a test or examination.

  • Submitting identical or similar work for credit in more than one course. Submitting work completed by parents, tutors, or friends or copied from a classmate.

  • Fabricating or falsifying research data.

Electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, cameras, and computers have made cheating easier for today’s students. The Internet has made research a common thing for both personal and academic knowledge. It is tempting to look up information and unintentionally think of it as your own. Students must understand how to avoid academic dishonesty. IB students will be provided with the Effective citing and referencing document and subject teachers will ensure that students are aware of how to avoid plagiarism appropriately for the subject.

In the event of academic dishonesty, the following steps will be taken:

·      Step #1: Send student to the office to meet with the administration.

·      Step #2: Administration contacts home.

·      Step #3: Meeting may be arranged with parent, teacher and administration. Consultation and possible referral to counseling services or outside agencies.

In addition to a grade of zero being assigned to the work, the following consequences may occur: record in disciplinary file, loss of privilege, detention, suspension, up to and including expulsion.