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Teacher Expectations of Student-All Classes


-respect for people and property

-language, dress, and behaviour which is appropriate for high school

-regular attendance & punctuality

-the reason for any absence should be reported to the school

-you are responsible for the class work completed during your absence

-a conscientious effort to participate in class

-following all school and class rules

-tests should be written on the day they are scheduled

-alternate tests may be written at a time the teacher determines to be appropriate

-it is the student’s responsibility to provide a valid reason for missing a test

-completion of assigned work on time and to the best of your ability

-be sure to hand in your assignments

-the teacher cannot assign a mark for an assignment if it is still in your school bag


If you require specific adaptations for learning please notify me to discuss these needs.  You can speak to me before or after class regarding personal concerns such as questions about tests or assignments, difficulty with the assigned work, work missed during an absence or general classroom concerns.   If you encounter difficulties with the course work please see me as soon as possible. The Sydney Academy website has a link to a homework page for homework information, assignment information, and test information.


Please refer to the school communication plan, school website, and student agenda book for further information regarding school rules and regulations.


The involvement of your parents/guardians is an important aspect of your education.   Please make them aware of this information.  If your parents would like to communicate with me via email they can contact me to make arrangements.


*** An unexcused absence on the day of an assessment will result in a mark of zero.  An excused absence must be reported within five days.


*** An excused absence on the day of an assessment may result in a student writing a make-up test or assignment.  A student should be prepared to write a missed test on the day they return to school.  The exact date of the make-up test will be determined by the teacher.


*** If a student is sick on the day a project and/or assignment is due, the project/assignment must still be sent to the school on the due date.  Projects/assignments not received on the due date will be considered late and appropriate points will be deducted.  Projects/Assignments may be dropped off by a parent, by a student or sent via e-mail.  In the case of serious or prolonged illness alternate arrangements can be made with the teacher.


*** The mid-term progress report mark (report card mark) will be determined from all the work completed at the time of the report.  It is an indication of how the student is performing at the time of the report.  The mid-term progress report mark does not represent a percentage of the final mark already complete.


Course Outline and Assessment Physics 11


The Physics 11 course consists of four units


Kinematics – Describing motion:  vectors, vector analysis, algebraic problem solving

Dynamics – Describing why objects move:  forces, Newton’s Laws of motion, introduction to momentum           

Momentum and Energy – conservation of momentum, work, power, energy and efficiency

Waves – fundamental properties of waves, sound waves, and electromagnetic radiation


The course work will be assessed as follows

Class work (assignments, homework, class activities, labs, surprise quizzes)--          about  30%

Tests & Quizzes -- about 20%

Major Mid-term Assessment (test or tests) -- about 20%

Final Exam -- 30%



Course Outline and Assessment Biology 11


The Biology 11 course consists of four units


Matter and Energy for Life - cell structure and function, development of cell theory

Biodiversity - classification of living things, 6 kingdoms of life

Maintaining Dynamic Equilibrium - role of biological systems in maintaining life (Examples: digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, excretory system)

Interactions Among Living Things - ecosystems


The course work will be assessed as follows


Class work (assignments, homework, class activities, surprise quizzes)-about  30%

Tests & Quizzes -- about 20%

Major Mid-term Assessment (test/tests) -- about 20%

Final Exam -- 30%



Science 10A/B Course Outline and Assessment


The Science 10 course consists of four units


Biology – sustainability of ecosystems

Chemistry - atomic structure, periodic table, chemical bonding, chemical reactions

Weather - general introduction to weather dynamics

Physics - energy of motion


The course work will be assessed with separate final marks for Science 10A and Science 10B.  Each final mark will be determined as shown below.


Class work (assignments, homework, class activities, surprise quizzes)-- about  35%

Tests & Quizzes -- about  35%

Major Assessment (test/tests) -- about 30%