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Mr. Gary Cummings



    The Learning Centre Teacher ensures that the Public Schools Program and Curricula are implemented in a way that maximizes student learning experiences. The Learning Centre Teacher is responsible for the introduction and evaluation of all students within his/her learning assignment and is committed to the provincial Special Education Policy. There is a strong commitment to Inclusive Education with emphasis on diversity, which realizes  individual needs and learning opportunities to help each child reach his or her potential.

Job Specific Components

A Learning Centre Teacher in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board shall perform such tasks as are assigned by the Principal and is required to undertake but not be limited by some or all of the tasks outlined below.  These tasks may vary from time-to-time.

·         Provide direct instruction based on identified student needs as outlined in the program plan, in collaboration with the classroom teacher.

·         Participate in the school-based program planning team process to assist in problem-solving and program planning, as needed.

·         Share the responsibility with other team members of interpreting and reporting teacher-based and standardized assessment results and other pertinent information with parents, administrators and other professionals.

·         Work collaboratively with administrators, teachers, parents and students in the design, implementation and review of comprehensive individual program plans.

·         Design, implement and evaluate instructional and behavioural programs that enhance the student’s social participation in family, school and community activities.

·         Use appropriate assessment instruments such as adaptive skills assessments and developmental screening assessments.

·         Adapt and modify existing assessment tools and methods to accommodate the unique abilities and needs of students with developmental disabilities including learning styles inventories, portfolio assessments, and functional assessments.

·         Teacher will assist students in the use of alternative and augmentative communication systems in collaboration with a Speech-Language Pathologist.

·         Assist parents and other professionals in planning appropriate transitions for students with developmental disabilities, including job placement, school-to-work and independent living.

·         Promote and maintain confidentiality regarding records and documentation.

·         Maintain ongoing collegial support through professional support sessions.

·         Be able to assume a leadership role in a Program Planning Team.

·         Be able to collaboratively plan, implement, and evaluate programming for students with special needs.

·         Be able to demonstrate an expertise in a variety of assessment approaches.

·         Integration as appropriate to individual needs.

·         Be able to integrate students in the regular classroom with peers where/when appropriate, in consultation with the Program Planning Team.


The Learning Centre staff at Sydney Academy include

Teacher: Gary Cummings

TA’s -  Karen MacPherson, Brenda Hanna, Denise Mckay, Jennifer MacKInnon, Gail Kezele