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The semester system is in use at Sydney Academy. The semester system essentially takes year long courses from the traditional plan and converts them into half year long courses. The student will take four courses each semester and formal exams will be written at the end of each semester. The first semester will run from September to January and the second from February to June. The school day will include five-60 minute classes for a total of 300 minutes. This schedule will allow the following: - Students will receive 300 minutes of instruction per day. - Students will study and do homework in only four subjects at a time. - Students write only four exams at a time. - Students will have the opportunity to take a wider variety of courses (a total of 8 per year). - Students who fail compulsory courses may be able to catch up without adding a year to their studies. **Note: Grade 12 courses in the International Baccalaureate Program continue to be full year courses (taught every second day). This provides sufficient time to complete these courses prior to the scheduling of the IB exams which typically take place in early May.