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For students who are entering Grade 10:

  1. The completion of eighteen (18) credits for grades 10, 11 and 12. 
  2. These eighteen (18) credits must include thirteen (14) compulsory courses:

Language, Communication and Expression

3 English language arts, one at each level,

1 Fine Arts:  art, music, drama, art dramatique, dance

Science, Mathematics and Technology

 3 Mathematics courses (1 at each grade level)

  2 Science courses:  one from Science 10, biology, chemistry, or physics, and one other approved science course.

  2 Other from mathematics,  science or technology:  eligible  technology courses include:  Communication Technology 11 and 12; Construction Technology 10; Computer Related  Studies 12; ; Design 11; Electrotechnologies 11; Energy, Power, and Transportation 11;  Exploring Technology 10;  Production Technology 11 and 12;  Business Technology 11; Business Technology 12; Film and Video Production 12; Multimedia 12.

      Personal Development and Society

  1 full credit in Physical Education; which includes one of the following: Physical Education, Physically Active Living, Yoga and Dance.

  1 Canadian History:   Canadian History 11;  Histoire Canadienne 11; Acadian History 11; African Canadian Studies 11; Gaelic Studies 11;  History 11 IB; and Mi’kmaq Studies 10

  1 Global Studies:  Global Geography; Global History;  History 12 IB; Economics 12 IB

      1. Students are required to pass five (5) additional elective courses.
      2. No more than seven (7) of the minimum eighteen (18) credits can be for Grade 10 courses.
      3. At least five (5) of the minimum eighteen (18) credits must be for Grade 12 courses.
      4. In most cases, students may not count 2 credits in the same specific subject area at the same grade level toward the minimum of 18 credits required for high school graduation.  However, there are some exceptions that your guidance counselor can explain to you.

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