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Students will complete their registration form in March. Please note that school officials will be very hesitant to make changes in courses once the school year has started. Decisions on teacher assignments and staff allocation are made on the basis of student course demands in April and May. Changes in course requests lead to imbalances in class sizes which are unfair for students and teachers. It is very important that careful selection of courses and subjects be made in April.

Students who have not attained a mark of 50 or better in a subject are not permitted to register in that subject at the next grade level. If it is a compulsory course (i.e. English), students must re-register for that subject at the same level. If the course is an elective, students can re-register for that course at the same level or select another subject. It is the responsibility of the student to change his/her course level if required due to failure or pass of a subject in June.

Once failing students have re-registered in June, registration will be considered final and only under special circumstances will a student be permitted to change his/her course or subject. The Guidance Office will be open in late August for new residents to the area to register and for those who must change their registration. ONCE SCHOOL BEGINS IN SEPTEMBER, IT WILL BE VERY DIFFICULT TO MAKE CHANGES.


  1. Each student will be given a form on which to list the courses which she/he wishes to register. The student must then obtain current teachers’ signatures for each prerequisite subject. The student and parent or guardian must sign this form.

  2. All grade 10 and 11 students must register for 8 courses. Grade 12 students may register for 7. Each semester students will take 4 courses. All students must select two alternate courses that will be used in case of a conflict. Course selections number 7 and 8 should be your least desired courses and the alternates would replace these only in case of a conflict.

  3. Students who must change courses due to failed/passed subjects must finalize these changes before the start of the next semester.

  4. Class size severely limits course changing and careful selection between April and June is the best means of assuring that the student is in a course of study that suits his/her ability, interest, and vocational goals.

  5. A registration sheet will be given to each student planning to attend Sydney Academy. The Guidance Counsellor will help students in Grade 9 complete the form accurately. Students presently at Sydney Academy will be helped by homeroom teachers.

  6. Timetables will be generated by the computer. Students do not have the option of indicating which courses should be scheduled in each semester.

  7. As a general rule, courses beyond the grade level in which one is enrolled may not be taken. There are some exceptions such as Bio 11 & 12.

  8. For senior students, certain courses required for university/ college will not be completed in the first semester. However, applications to post high school institutions will be assessed based on your present and predicted performance at the time of application.


Sydney Academy urges students to choose courses with great care. Their registration should be based on their interests, aptitudes and career plans. All Students are required to take a full course load while at Sydney Academy. For grade ten and eleven students a full load is eight courses; four each semester. For grade twelve students a full load is at least seven courses. Post grads and mature students must take a full load unless given special permission to take a reduced course load by the administration.

If students prepare carefully for course registration and receive the necessary information and guidance, requests for course changes should be minimized. At times, however, it is in the best interest of the student and teacher to entertain a course change. Course changes will be considered for the first two weeks following the start of classes. Course changes will be permitted only if there is room in the course requested. A number of possible situations may be cited. These include:

  1. Keeping the same course but requesting a teacher change.

Requests for a teacher change will be accommodated only in extraordinary circumstances and at the discretion of the administration. If such a change is granted, any marks by the student will be transferred and form part of the evaluation in the new class.

  1. Drop-down” situations - e.g. Mat 10 to MatFnd 10. Such situations should have been avoided during regular registration periods. However, it is realized that misjudgments are sometimes made by students and some flexibility is necessary.

  2. Grade Twelve Students Dropping a Class.

Grade twelve students must carry at least seven subjects. If a grade twelve student taking eight subjects wishes to drop a course, they may do so up to three weeks prior to the final exam period each semester. If a course is dropped in the first semester then the student must take four courses in the second semester.

  1. Changing from one course to an entirely different course

Course changes are not normally permitted except in cases where the change is required in for a student to graduate. In some circumstances, course changes may be entertained if the request is due to a failure in a first semester course or a change in career plans.

  1. Student transferring from another school. Students who transferto Sydney Academy from another school outside our Board part way through the term will normally be required to take the same courses as studied at the previous school. Problems may arise in some cases due to differences in course offerings. Such problems will be dealt with on an individual basis.

  2. Once the Course Change Deadline has passed, there will be no consideration given for further changes until distribution of mid-term reports. Based solely upon academic difficulties, students may request special permission to drop down to a lower level class in the same subject at this time. Only drop-downs will be permitted at this point and only if there is room in a lower level class