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Students must realize that requirements for universities and other educational institutions vary considerably and are constantly subject to change. It is advisable to consult university calendars frequently when making long range plans. Most universities require at least five Grade XII University Preparatory (academic or advanced) courses. A few require six university preparatory subjects in each of Grade XI and XII.

Averages required for entrance vary from 60% to 70%, and students are advised that, in many instances, possession of minimum requirements in no way guarantees acceptance. This is particularly true for specialist degrees and diplomas, such as dental hygiene, nursing, etc.

Most universities do not accept graduation or open courses for entrance. In addition, some academic and advanced courses are not acceptable at some universities. Acceptance of courses such as sociology, physical education, entrepreneurship, art, music, law, etc., vary from one educational institution to another and students should consult the calendars of favoured institutions carefully before making final choices. Choose courses according to your own abilities and need.